10 Best Color Schemes fit for Florida Home Exteriors

Wednesday January 12, 2022 comments Tags: Florida Home Exteriors, exterior paint job in Florida

Melbourne Home Exteriors


Planning to repaint your house’s exterior? Consider the climate!

This is your chance to update or make over your house with a fresh coat. It’s easy to get confused as to which colors to pick especially if you have several gorgeous colors in mind. But in Florida, where things can get hot and humid, Rockledge exterior cleaning experts say that it’s much better to lean towards a color palette that includes whites or light colors so that during summer your paint can help protect your house from the heat (light/heat is absorbed by dark hues and repelled by light ones.)


So, homeowners, here are the best color combinations for an exterior paint job in Florida:

White - Aqua - Ivory

Melbourne home color scheme White - Aqua - Ivory

This inviting color combination also reflects your surroundings especially if you live close to the beach or under clear and sunny blue skies. According to your local Rockledge exterior cleaning company, bright blue door can help highlight your home’s architecture. The ivory and white can help keep your home cool during the summer months.


Snow - Gray - Dove

Melbourne home color scheme Snow - Gray - Dove

This color scheme lends a classic look to any home. This color scheme can still appeal to less adventurous and more traditional people without having to make the home look dated or old. This palette is a fresh take on timeless.

Mediterranean Blue - White - Black

Melbourne home color scheme Mediterranean Blue - White - Black

Inspired by Santorini or coastal Spain, your Rockledge exterior cleaning company can picture pure white exteriors accented with black window frames and a pop of blue with your front door or roof.


Eggshell - Olive Green

Melbourne home color scheme Eggshell - Olive Green

Sometimes, two colors is all you need for that curbside appeal. You can reflect the colors of your beautifully landscaped front yard with green accents on creamy white walls of your exteriors. 


Cotton White - Green - Sky Blue

Melbourne home color scheme Cotton White - Green - Sky Blue

Another color palette that matches your home’s surroundings and packs on curb appeal. We can definitely see a white base that pops with accents of sky blue and an understated soft pine green door and roof.


White - Pale Pink - Azure

Melbourne home color scheme Cotton White - Green - Sky Blue

It’s giving Barbie Dream House but for grownups (we mean, it’s okay if you still enjoy your Barbie Dream House). A blue and white striped awning can give a touch of nautical flair to your Florida home. And the pale pink touches can accent your house softly.


Gray - Dusty Gold - Off White

Melbourne home color scheme Gray - Dusty Gold - Off White

There’s something inviting and clean about the way white sand beaches look. You can replicate that same kind of vibe and keep cool in the summer months with this color scheme.


Pewter - Fire Engine Red - White

Melbourne home color scheme Pewter - Fire Engine Red - White

What is pewter, you ask? It’s bluish-gray with a shimmer of gold or yellow. A red door can add a touch of sass to this otherwise muted palette. Red doors are also perfect for any holiday decoration, Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s, YOUR birthday, anything.


Wine Red - White - Cerulean Blue

Melbourne home color scheme Wine Red - White - Cerulean Blue

It’s America with a Devil Wears Prada twist (shoutout to you, old person, if you got that reference). This is the perfect trifecta of lively colors for your all-American home in sunny Florida without making it look like a toy store.


Custard Yellow - Cinnamon - White

Melbourne home color scheme Custard Yellow - Cinnamon - White

A modern home in the sun with a yellow glow, grounded by a cinnamon-colored front door and roof. Pure white window sills as bright accents contribute to the crisp and tropical vibe.