A Guide to Creating Your Outdoor Gym at Home

Wednesday January 19, 2022 comments Tags: home exterior cleaning needs, Beacon Cleaning

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Because we visit a lot of homes in Florida, we have met a lot of homeowners who are on their fitness journeys and sometimes we could see those piles of equipment in the open garage. And because the pandemic has changed so much of our lives, we understand that maintaining our fitness and health (despite lockdowns and social distancing) looks a bit different: a bit closer to our homes, and of course, is still a must. As a Brevard exterior cleaning company, we know that your outdoor space can be a fantastic place to pursue your fitness goals and there are many ways to do it well.

It’s time to follow through with those New Year fitness resolutions!

Home gyms are great, but the challenge is finding a place to put them. There’s no getting around the fact that workout equipment takes up a lot of space and if you don’t have an extra room or basement, you are most likely to limit yourself to a space of a yoga mat.

But you don’t need to limit yourself to the house. If you have a backyard or outdoor space, it opens up a whole world of possibilities. One of the best options is to set up an outdoor shed or canopy, and convert that space into your own personal gym. This upgrade is budget-friendly and also provides you your own space for exercise that is free of clutter.


Having an outdoor gym area is a great home project for several reasons.

  • Exercising at home is convenient, and if done correctly, effectively and safely it relieves stress, boosts your strength, and improves your health.
  • Lawns, terraces and patios can be good spots for fitness when it is not ideal to exercise on the road, at the park or the gym. Because COVID or work-at-home, you know.
  • An outdoor home gym creates a continuation to our pre-pandemic outdoor ways. You also get fresh air that circulates freely.
  • It is an obvious solution for those who have little time to drive to a faraway from the fitness centre.


Set up that outdoor gym!

First, zero in on a nice outdoor area of your home for training and at the same time another one indoors that is big enough to have an exercise mat spread out (away from humidity and changing weather). You can store your loose equipment here once your routine is done. These two spaces will allow you to enjoy the benefits of training outdoors for most of the year and indoors during really cold or wet days.

If you want to train with cardio equipment such as treadmills or stationary bikes, find a flat and vibration-free surface to position the equipment on. Remember, your safety should always come first.

The lawn is fantastic for exercises that need little to no accessories. Activities that require booty bands, wellness balls, dumbbells or kettlebells can be done on the lawn. The soft nature of the ground is suitable for absorbing shock and helping prevent the risk of joint injuries. Choose a spot where the ground is flat, preferably with a mat between your feet and the ground. Having plants and greenery around is welcome, as long as they don’t actually obstruct your full-range of movements in your chosen spot.

The shelter of a shed or canopy protects you and your equipment from the elements such as direct sunlight or rain and increases the time available for outdoor exercise throughout the year.


Choose the right equipment.

Since your equipment will be outside you’re somewhat limited in your choices since it’ll be subject to a lot of moisture and UV light. Those factors degrade anything pretty quickly. Having a roof over your equipment will help a lot with degradation but that doesn’t mean you can just put anything outside. Here are some things to look out for;

No electronics. Moisture will kill anything with electronics pretty quickly.

High quality steel. Lower quality steel will rust and degrade quicker in general

High quality plastics and rubbers. A special UV protection spray can also help these pieces from degrading.

Also choose equipment that can be anchored down. This will help your equipment from “disappearing” in the middle of the night especially if your property do not have gates.



Your local Brevard exterior cleaning company warns exercising on any unpaved surface as the foundation for your gym. They get muddy, uneven and don’t provide a lot of grip. When lifting, you want your feet to be stable and at the same height. And you don’t want to slip while some heavy weights are in your hands.

Concrete, tile or brick underground is all fine as long as it’s flat, even, and stable. Put some kind of softer flooring (patio flooring is perfect for outdoor gyms) on top of the outdoor gym surface. Indoor gym flooring is probably not a good choice since, once again, it’s not made to be used outside and will degrade quickly.


Beware of thieves

Gym equipment can be expensive (depending on what you have) so that makes it attractive to people that don’t have the best motives. If you’re living in a safe neighborhood and/or you have a huge fence and other security measures around your property, this might not be a problem. But for most people, it is.

There are a few things you can do to protect yourself from your equipment getting stolen. All the loose things like weights, bands, bars and possibly dumbbells can easily be locked up in a small cabinet. These things are the easiest to take but also the easiest to lock up. A good lock on the shed or cabinet will prevent theft of these items. Anchor larger equipment to the ground or wall with bolts (ask for help from a handyman if you’re unsure) or place larger indoors


We want to see you thrive!

We hope this inspires you to pursue your fitness goals and make useful improvements to your home exteriors. We’ll surely check your outdoor gyms out when we visit for your next paver restoration, or roof cleaning, or a soft washing. We want you to work on your physique and health even better this year, while we take care of your home exteriors! Don’t forget to book an appointment with Beacon Cleaning for your paver sealing and Brevard exterior cleaning needs!