An Essential Home Upgrade

Thursday July 15, 2021 comments Tags: Rockledge paver sealing , Melbourne commercial paver restoration

An Essential Home Upgrade


Own a yard, patio, or within the area of an existing sidewalk? Know and pay attention to your pavers! Pavers are an essential part of your exterior home space. When taken care of by a Rockledge paver sealing team in the area, this will elevate the look and overall appearance of your home.  

Hiring Professionals for the Job

In the process of restoration, it is essential to hire a professional Rockledge paver sealing expert. With this, they are able to know what kind of cleaning your pavers really need. Most importantly they’ll be using cutting-edge tools to carry out the cleaning and restoration. 

For the paver restoration process, professional services go through four steps to effectively clean and restore your pavers. In this blog, we go through each process to understand how paver restoration is essential and highly-effective when done by professionals. 


There are instances that pavers are installed either improperly or by using the wrong materials. As a result, this causes issues like weedy joints and concrete strains. 

By hiring professional paver maintenance and repair experts, they will be able to accurately examine the status of your pavers and provide the best possible solution for repair. 


After repairing the pavers, the next process is cleaning them. Typically, hot water and deep cleaning is to be done. There are amazing benefits in using hot water for paver cleaning as it can also remove molds and emulsify moss. 

For cleaning, professional Rockledge paver sealing services often use pressure-washing and soft-washing as approaches to effectively eradicate any bacteria build up in your pavers.


For the restoration process, Rockledge paver sealing professionals often use polymeric sand to interlock the pavers with each other, which will also serve as protection to pest infestation and weed that will possibly grow between the cracks. 

Being able to place sand in between cracks also prepares restorators for the last step of the restoration process, which is sealing.


After restoring the pavers, the last and final stage is sealing. This is done by Rockledge paver sealing experts to protect the surface and joints, as well as to release its natural beauty while staying protected. 

Sealers come in different types and can project an “invisible” look as if it was not sealed but looks clean, or an enhancer type of seal that makes the paver look wet and newly sealed.

The Professional Service You Need

Have you thought about your pavers after reading this? They might be in need of paver repairs and restoration by Rockledge paver sealing experts! For the best service, you may call or message Beacon today, home of the paver experts!