3 Reasons why roof cleaning is important

Saturday March 5, 2022 comments Tags: soft washing, soft wash, roof cleaning, roof mold

reasons why roof cleaning is important melbourne roof cleaning


In our experience as Florida’s premier home exterior cleaning service provider, we have cleaned so many roofs for homes of people in Rockledge who we wish called us earlier. A thorough and professional Rockledge roof cleaning team can do wonders for maintaining the beauty and integrity of your home!

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What makes your roof dirty?

Debris from Trees

Trees in the yard provide shade that helps reduce the heat absorbed through the roof, they protect your home from high winds, and their roots help prevent soil erosion. However, trees also shed leaves, twigs and needles, which can get onto the roof and into the gutters. Low-hanging branches can give small animals access to your roof, which may contribute droppings and more debris to the mix.

Fortunately, loose debris can be cleaned off using a leaf blower or a long-handled brush. If you elect to clean the roof yourself, avoid using a pressure washer, as it can damage the roofing surface. Professional Rockledge roof cleaning services can make short work of debris on the roof and in the gutters. Also, hire a local arborist to trim tree branches without harming the trees themselves.



Algae produces a black substance that can create streaks on the roofing surface. 

You can wash the roof with a 1:1 bleach-and-water solution (you will have to protect the surrounding landscaping before you do). You can also have zinc strips installed along the roof ridges as algae-fighting zinc particles will be spread on the roof as it rains. OR you can call on us here a Beacon for the most reliable and professional Rockledge roof cleaning.



For some people, moss growing on the roof is an aesthetic improvement. But the truth is, it can cause serious damage to the roofing surface. Moss thrives in moist and shaded areas, so having surrounding trees trimmed can help reduce moss growth. 

Whenever you're cleaning your house, you wouldn't mind cleaning your roof as well, right? But you might be shocked by how much dirt and bacteria are embedded in your roof's shingles, and how this can impact the longevity and appearance of your roof.  People usually wonder whether they should pay for a skilled Rockledge exterior cleaning expert to step in and perform the task or whether they should do it on their own.  Hiring a professional Rockledge roof cleaning company will give you a far more thorough cleaning and will guarantee you that everything is taken care of.