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Wednesday April 20, 2022 comments



It’s the perfect season to swim and splash about with your family. As Florida’s premier home exterior cleaning company, we have had the privilege of serving countless families when it comes to maintaining their pool decks.

We live up to our name as the best pool deck cleaning Florida company by using only the safest and latest cleaning agents and tools and sending highly-skilled and well-trained staff. Because of this we have thousands of loyal clients who feel assured of entrusting their pool decks to us.

A lot of pool owners overlook the surroundings, ignoring possible problems a dirty pool deck may cause. When you have a couple of minutes, go and take a good look at your pool deck. If you notice discoloration and that it’s not as clean and bright as is used to be, the reason are likely one or more of these:

Whether your pool deck has gone months unused or is frequently used, it needs a professional cleaning every now and then. Your consistent upkeep will reward you with a beautiful, healthy space, while sustaining the value of your property. And we know you are ready for a splashy and happy summer!


Benefits of pool deck cleaning Florida

Health and Safety

Spring warmth and summer humidity create a perfect environment for algae, mildew and mold to flourish. Left to their own devices, algae, mildew and mold can aggravate fall risks, allergies and asthma, not to mention give off foul odors, offending both hosts and guests. A professional pool deck cleaning can easily get rid of those nasty irritants.

Something else to consider is the slippery surface caused by algae, mildew and mold. No matter how many times we remind everyone not to run around the pool, someone will forget and excitedly run and jump into the water. The concern is slipping and falling when the surface is slimy with algae, mildew and mold. A regular professional pool deck cleaning makes all the difference. No need to worry about anyone slipping and hurting themselves! Our trusted experts can soon make your pool deck clean and safe again, by using our highly-trusted home exterior cleaning techniques.


Welcoming Atmosphere

Following a couple of years of isolation, we are excited to get together with people in person! Many of your friends and extended family members will want to come over to spend time with you around your beautiful pool area. Once Team Beacon gives it the care it deserves, you can commence your summer social schedule with confidence. You don’t have to stress when family members invite friends over for a swim at the last minute.


Why should you trust Beacon for the best pool deck cleaning Florida?

Regular professional washing of your pool deck is essential, even if you clean that deck yourself on a consistent basis. Homes in hot and humid areas or near any beachfront may especially need professional home exterior cleaning more often than others. Here’s why you want to consider professional pool deck cleaning every year, and even more often for homes in warm areas.

A simple homemade bleach mixture may not sufficiently wash pool chemicals from the surface of the concrete. These chemicals can dry out your home's pool deck, making it brittle and prone to cracking. Strong pool chemicals can also dry out painted concrete, peeling and chipping the surface.

Overuse of bleach can be harmful to concrete and its sealant and other coatings. A soft wash cleaning system used by a professional power washer team, such as Beacon Cleaning Specialists, ensures that your deck and pool are clean and damage-free.

A professional pool deck cleaning Florida team can also note any spots and stains that you cannot remove with your own chemicals and cleansers. Professional pool deck cleaners often have access to specialty surfactants and other detergents that quickly and easily remove rust, food stains, paint splotches, and other areas of damage from your pool deck.

Contact us for all your pool deck cleaning needs and get a quote from us today!