Cleaning Solar Panels: Why Go Commercial?

By: rwilkins Tuesday November 26, 2019 comments


In an era where alternative energy sources are being embraced as the key to a sustainable future, solar panels are a popular option, especially for those living the great Sunshine State! Solar panels can be seen popping up on the roofs in residential neighborhoods, on businesses of all types, and in rural areas to provide supplemental power to cities. Generally, they are an efficient, low-maintenance and easy way to utilize green energy.

However, as with all things, they require regular maintenance to keep them in tip-top shape. Brevard exterior cleaning services like Beacon Exterior Cleaning Specialists are able to meet that need! But you might be wondering why you should opt for a commercial service to complete the task rather than doing it yourself or choosing to not do it at all.


Your safety is the first and foremost reason to opt for professional solar panel cleaning! Most solar panels are roof-mounted, which means to thoroughly clean them requires scaling a ladder and then working on rooftop to accomplish the task. Don’t risk it! Your local Brevard exterior cleaning company's got all the necessary safety tools to get the job done so you don’t have to take on cleaning your panels yourself.



Solar panels are equipped with power cells that soak up all that gorgeous sunlight to produce energy. However, due to everyday environmental conditions, the panels can get gunked up with residue which means not as much sunlight is able to hit the surface of the panel. Some might think regular rainwater will remedy the situation.

But think of your solar panels like a car windshield - rainwater might wash away some light debris, but if it goes unwashed for some time, that debris will continue to build-up and eventually lead to a significant decrease in visibility.  So if you notice an excessive amount of bird droppings, or you live in a very dusty environment or near an industrial or agricultural site, or if you’re near a busy road or highway, you will benefit from a regular washing from your local Brevard exterior cleaning company to keep your panels clear and functioning optimally.


Protect Your Investment

As with any major investment, you want to take care of your solar panels to ensure you get the maximum value out of them and that they last for as long as possible. You can keep a regular maintenance on your car, your home, and your health, that same habit should go for your solar panels

You can rest assured that when you call on a Brevard exterior cleaning company like Beacon Cleaning for your solar panel cleaning, we’re coming equipped with the right tools for the job and quality service, guaranteed. Not only does the right equipment help ensure your panels won’t be damaged, but that the job will be done right the first time! For our cleaning jobs, we use 100% clean water that we filter onsite. Regular water contains sediment that can lead to algae and bacteria growth. Our filtration process protects your solar panels from this growth.

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