Cleaning Your Pool Decks: Why It’s Important

By: rwilkins Thursday January 16, 2020 comments Tags: pool decks, Beacon Cleaning, mildew damage, mold damage, soft washing



Sunny summer days are supposed to be spent at the pool with family and friends. Your pool and your pool deck are your oasis, your safe space. You don’t want your mini-getaway looking dirty and uninviting, right? When you think of your paradise, you don’t usually envision it with a deck full of caked-on dirt, grime, or mold and mildew damage. Proper care of pool decks require proper exterior maintenance.


Mold and Mildew 

Because pool decks have constant exposure to water, it is a high risk area for mold and mildew damage.Regularly scheduled exterior cleaning with you local Melbourne exterior cleaning company are important in order to prevent this type of damage on your pool decks from spreading to other parts of your home. Not only do you want to prevent mold and mildew to avoid the eyesore, you want to take away the possibility of mold and mildew causing any health risks when overexposed to them. 


What Soft Washing Can Do For Your Deck

A service such as soft washing by your local Melbourne exterior cleaning company can be utilized to prevent pool decks from becoming an eye sore. Typical store washes for pool decks are not as strong as the cleaners used by our services which can dissolve thick, built-up dirt on your deck. 

So what is soft washing? It is a soft pressure cleaning technique as opposed to pressure washing. When done properly, soft washing keeps pool decks safe from erosion and damage from high pressure alternatives and uses biodegradable solutions to prevent the build up of dirt, mold, and mildew in the future. 

Your pool is a place you value and can be your little paradise, so that is why it is so important to conduct regularly scheduled cleanings for your pool decks such as soft washing. A pool you have invested time and money into doesn’t deserve to deteriorate out in the elements. After all, it is a place you go to getaway!  


Choosing Melbourne exterior cleaning at Beacon Cleaning will ensure the maintenance of your pool decks for years to come. Your pool is meant to be your own little paradise, so it deserves the best treatment. The warm and sunny pool days are waiting for you!  Contact us for a no-obligation quote today!

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