Considering a Roof Washing?

Tuesday December 15, 2020 comments Tags: roof washing, soft washing, soft wash, roof cleaning, roof mold

Roof Washing


Roof Cleaning Benefits to Homeowners and Business Owners

The warm and humid Florida climate results in roof deterioration regardless of the type of roof you have.  Many roofs undergo replacement at the 7-12 year interval.  Yet in reality, they can last up to 20 years or more.  Having professional roof cleaning services by your Melbourne roof cleaning team at regular intervals helps extend your roof’s longevity tremendously, giving you considerable savings. 

Homeowner Benefits

Homeowners benefit from roof cleaning services by both the aesthetic results, and the energy benefits a clean roof adds to your home.  One of the first things guests and neighbors notice is those dark, black ugly streaks and stains that are altering the color of your roof.  Having your roof cleaned by Melbourne roof cleaning professionals ensures that all dark discolorations are cleaned and removed, returning your roof to its original state. Another benefit of a good roof cleaning is the effect a clean roof has on your property values and curb appeal even if you aren’t looking to sell your home. But if you are selling, a roof cleaning will make your home's roof look much healthier and in a strong state than if it were darkened with mold, mildew, moss and algae. You are in a much better position for resale after a professional Melbourne roof cleaning service.  As mentioned, another benefit to homeowners who have their roofs routinely cleaned is the lower energy costs to cool your home. Dark stains on roof areas absorb heat which then transfers into the house.  

Business Owner Benefits

Business owners send a message daily to potential customers, traffic, and clients through the exterior condition of their building. If your business's roof is discolored and grimey, is that sending the right message?  Roof cleaning services by Melbourne exterior cleaning experts should be a top priority for each business owner because the customers associate the appearance of your businesses building with your businesses abilities.  Make your office an example of excellence and cleanliness to your customers, this communicates that you take great pride in your business and what you offer the community. 

How does Roof Cleaning Work

Our Melbourne roof cleaning service utilizes a soft wash cleaning method.  We never recommend allowing anyone to pressure wash a roof for a variety of reasons which include damage to the roof itself, safety concerns, and inefficient results.  Our soft washing method is much more highly effective because it removes streaks and stains without causing any damage to your roof shingles and adjoining elements.