What is it and how did it get there?

Wednesday August 12, 2020 comments Tags: roof cleaning, Professional Roof Cleaning Service

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Do you See Discoloration On your Roof? 

Have you wondered what in the world it is and how it got there?

Maybe you’ve even noticed it enough to ask yourself ‘what can I do about it’? Or maybe you’ve fretted that your roof might need replacing. Maybe you didn’t even know you could reverse the dark spots. You don’t need to resign your roof to a state of permanent grungy darkness, and it’s likely that you don’t need to replace your roof and any shingles. When you see dark spots covering your roof the solution is having a professional roof cleaning service performed by a Rockledge roof cleaning team on your home. 


Be Prepared this Season with a Professional Roof Cleaning Service!

The dark spots that have formed on your roof are actually some of your homes worst enemies: mold and algae! Without a periodic roof cleaning by your Rockledge roof cleaning company, the mold grows down into your roof through the edges of your shingles allowing more moisture and heat to enter through the roof. This mold runs rampant if not kept in check with roof cleaning services, and with hurricane season approaching it’s the most important time of year to take a good look at your roof and see if yours is in need of a roof cleaning because the mold will weaken the adhesive of your shingles and break away from your roof more easily in a windy storm. 

Algae builds up where there are moisture points in your roofline. Using a method called soft washing (low pressure washing) breaks down the algae during a roof cleaning and improves the aesthetic and health of your roof. Allowing algae, mold, and moss to grow on your roof significantly decreases the lifetime of your roof, roof cleaning ensures that the great investment you made into purchasing your roof lasts your home for a much longer time. 


What to Expect

If you’re new to roof cleaning don’t worry because it’s one of those things that is highly recommended to be done by a professional Rockledge exterior cleaning team. A professional roof cleaning service will use a bleach formula to break up the latched on moss, mold and algae from your shingles. Then using a low pressure, soft washing system, the solution is washed off and any debris or remaining spots are further cleaned to give an amazing before and after result. Your roof will look the way it did the day it was installed. 


Is your Roof in Need of Roof Cleaning?

If you’re looking up at your roof and thinking it’s seen better days, or if you’ve worried that you’re going to have to replace your roof or a bunch of shingles in the near future, it may just be in need of a good cleaning by your local Rockledge roof cleaning company. Having a build up of algae, mold, and moss can be deceptive about the real health and condition of your roof. Reach out to a team of experts to inspect your roof and show you how it can be improved without the major expense of a new roof. Be sure to hire professionals, this is no job to do on your own. Get your roof back with a thorough roof cleaning by Beacon Cleaning! Make the neighbors do a double take as ask who installed your ‘new’ roof!