Don’t Replace Your Pavers, Restore Them! 

Friday October 1, 2021 comments Tags: Melbourne paver cleaning, Melbourne paver restoration

Don’t Replace Your Pavers Restore Them


Pavers are always a good choice when it comes to beneficial features for your driveway, walkways, and patio. Pavers are powerful as they can stand up to the weather, provide easy up-keep, require little maintenance, and will appear new for years to come. 


Common Paver Problems

Elevating the look of your driveway, patio, or walkway can really be a rewarding feeling. It makes your home or establishment shine, and may even tell a story about the owner’s personality or nature of business. 

It is always advised to investigate common paver problems when you see them, so as not to disrupt the functionality and design of your space. Elements that plague your pavers are stains, weeds, and mold and mildew build-up. 

These concerns often arise from weather conditions such as rain and humidity, stains and tire marks, or sprouting caused by weed dispersion. 

Fortunately, you can avoid these problems by regularly cleaning and maintaining your pavers with the help of a Melbourne paver sealing team of experts! 


Keeping Your Pavers Strong

As conscious homeowners, you only want the best and cost-effective approach for keeping your pavers in like new condition. Before even thinking about replacing your pavers, consult your local Melbourne paver sealing professionals first and determine if your pavers are a good fit for paver restoration!

Paver restoration is a procedure done by Melbourne paver sealing experts to help revive your pavers and goes through the steps of cleaning, restoration, and sealing. The cleaning process involving pavers typically uses hot water and a deep clean that can remove mold and mildew as well as to prevent weeds from growing any further. 

Restoration comes next and involves drying and re-sanding the joints of the pavers. High-quality Polymeric sand is the best choice for re-sanding as it provides flexibility of the pavement system. 

Sealing is the last step of the paver restoration process by your Melbourne paver sealing team. It is one of the most beneficial services that you can get for your pavers. Sealers are designed to protect the entirety of your pavers. There are two types of sealants, the invisible one that can appear as if nothing was applied to it. Another sealant has an enhancing feature which can help bring out the natural beauty of your pavers. 


Paver Restoration With Your Trusted Paver Professionals

Cleaning and Sealing your pavers around your property with the help of Melbourne paver sealing experts extend their life by effectively reducing the effects of deterioration from life, elements, and environmental conditions. 

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