Fresh Paver Seal

Sunday August 1, 2021 comments Tags: Fresh Paver Seal, Melbourne commercial paver sealing

How a fresh paver seal can help your driveway


Sealing can add resistance to pavers, which are constantly exposed to extreme weather conditions throughout the year. For unpredictable weather, it is a good layer of protection. In this blog, we take a look at how paver sealing can help your driveway, and the overall look and functionality of your home. 


Sealing: Is it Recommended?

Here’s an honest take: No, you do not need to seal your pavers, but professional paver services from your local Melbourne paver sealing company strongly recommend that it should be done to provide an extra layer of protection towards your investment. With this, your pavers will glowingly stay sealed and new for years to come.


Choosing the Right Sealer

Before we discuss sealing benefits, let’s first identify the kind of sealers that can be applied to your pavers! There are actually two types of sealers: penetrating sealers and wet sealers. 

Firstly, penetrating sealers are designed to seal the paver with a water repellent coat that helps the paver retain its natural color. Wet sealers on the other hand, will slightly change the color of your pavers, making it achieve a wet look. Overall, it all boils down to preference. If you're still not sure of what sealer to get, consulting with  Melbourne paver sealing professionals may help you know the best choice for your pavers. 

So what are the additional benefits of paver sealing and why should you have yours sealed? Read on below: 


It Prevents Cracked Pavers 

When pavers are sealed, it creates a smooth surface that can prevent chipping and expansion, brought by changing seasons and the weather. With this, your pavers last longer.


It’s Easy to Maintain

Having cleaned and sealed pavers by Melbourne paver sealing experts can also protect them from stains, and other problems that may cause repair throughout the year. It’s also easier to clean your pavers in the event that little weeds may grow, because of its smooth surface.


It Restores the color of your Pavers

UV Rays from the sun may cause your pavers to lose its distinct color. But with the paver sealing process, it brings out the nice dark color of your pavers, instantly setting the tone to the look of your home. 


Professional and Done with the Highest Quality

Looking to get your Pavers sealed? Your local Melbourne paver sealing experts at Beacon is here to offer a professional and expert paver sealing service to help your pavers get strong and look good as new! Their different exterior services will surely elevate the look of your home.