Get your pool deck ready for Spring!

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It’s getting warmer; you know what that means! Soon, we will be chilling more outdoors, in the backyard by the pool, getting a tan, hopefully. Spring maintenance is now upon all of us.

As the premier Rockledge exterior cleaning company, we have visited and cleaned so many homes’ pool decks from Rockledge to Lakeland to Melbourne. We are always happy to see the homeowners and their families smile with excitement after seeing their pool deck expertly cleaned and ready for spring and summer fun again.


Prepare your pool for warmer days again!

Here are some tips from your Rockledge exterior cleaning company:

  • After removing the pool cover (you need to clean this and store this in a dry place too), you need to have the pool water tested and then add whatever is prescribed to keep the water safe to swim in.
  • Check the pool’s pump, liner, filters, skimmer basket and overall appearance. Replace filters and parts as necessary.
  • Pool water should be tested regularly, up to two or three times a week, to ensure it has the proper pH balance and chlorine levels. Adjustments should be made as necessary. Getting the levels periodically tested by a professional also can help catch issues that a home test won’t find.

Inspect the deck’s ledger (the piece of framing that connects your pool deck to the house). A damaged ledger can result in pool deck collapses. Repair/replace damaged boards or protruding nails or screws. Just imagine accidentally stepping on them while barefoot. OUCH!


The Importance of Pressure Washing Your Pool Deck

There are several reasons why it is important for you to ensure that your pool deck is clean and that it is maintained on a regular basis. Safety for everyone around the pool deck is certainly a number one priority for most pool owners and pool operators. Because of repetitive moisture, they accumulate excess dirt on them, as well as algae buildup and other forms of bacteria, too.  Excessive buildup of algae is not only a visually unattractive sight, but it can make the surface VERY slippery, as well. Definitely dangerous.  And, as we all know, slipping or falling on a concrete surface can range from being painful to fatal.

Also, a pool deck that is covered with algae, dirt, and grime is a very unsanitary situation. This can cause skin problems especially for bare feet that are traipsing in and out of your pool (plantar warts are not fun).  Over time, dirt, algae, and bacteria being transported by dirty feet from pool decks into the pool water can mess up the chemical balance and cleanliness of the water.

The most efficient and effective way to clean your pool deck is to pressure wash the surface. You may be tempted to do it on your own. Allow us to explain to you why you should call Rockledge exterior cleaning professionals to do it.

pool deck


Beacon Experts will take good care of your poo deck!

Pressure washing is a process that uses effective cleansers, combined with the right amount of intensive water pressure, and will remove all types of dirt, grime, algae, mold, and any other type of unwanted substance that has developed along the surface of your pool deck.  For best results, most professionals recommend pressure washing your pool deck on a regular basis, at least once a year, or more frequently, if desired.


Request for a quote from your local Rockledge exterior cleaning experts and get your pool decks cleaned asap!