Holiday Gatherings Are Coming!

Wednesday November 16, 2022 comments

The holiday season is rapidly approaching. This means family gatherings, friendly get-togethers, dinner parties, and social events. Before you pull out the decorations, though, take a look at your exterior and consider scheduling a professional cleaning. 

It’s recommended to have at least one thorough exterior cleaning per year to preserve the longevity and integrity of your home, so why not schedule yours when it will make the biggest impact? The outside of your home is the first thing your guests see when they arrive, after all. If you are going to the trouble to decorate for the season, why not take the extra step to really wow the crowd? Those twinkling lights you painstakingly hang should highlight the beauty of your home, not illuminate the dirty siding and grimy window panes. You can opt to do the cleaning yourself, but consider a few things before you take on the massive task.

Why use a professional exterior cleaning company rather than DIY?

Experience. Professional cleaners do the job every day. This means they will be faster and more thorough than the average homeowner, and they won’t accidentally cause damage to the property. Professionals know precisely which chemicals and tools to use, and how to best employ them to get the job done properly. 

Convenience. Hiring professionals will also give you extra time to focus on other things like cooking, decorating, and cleaning the inside of the home. It is better to focus any DIY cleaning on interior projects. Mopping and dusting are much simpler tasks, and safer than tackling a pressure washer and climbing up and down a wet ladder with hoses.

Safety. The industry-grade chemicals and expensive, often rented, equipment can put a non-professional’s safety at risk, not to mention the welfare of your home. When combined with tall ladders, slippery driveways, wet shoes, and powerful sprayers, the risk of falling and incurring serious injury is simply not worth it.

Supplies. Knowing what supplies you’ll need, and where to get them can be a pain. Renting equipment and scanning aisles of products to find what you need takes time, and can be costly. Professional exterior cleaners come prepared with everything they need to give your home that maximum clean. This ensures you get a timely and cost-efficient clean, done in a safe and expert manner.

So although preparation for the holidays can be stressful, and usually entails meticulous cleaning, if you leave the hard part to the professionals you can save yourself some serious stress. Consider hiring the experts at Beacon Exterior Cleaning to save you the hassle and get the job done right. We offer an array of services to give your home that extra glow. You can rely on us to take care of your exterior surfaces, driveway, pavers, pool deck, windows, roof, and solar panels. Our technicians are highly trained, licensed and insured. We deliver the highest standard of quality. Contact us at 321-507-4851 or visit our website.