How to make your outside living space perfect for activities

Sunday December 12, 2021 comments Tags: paver cleaning services



Your outdoor space is just as much a part of your home, even if you don’t spend as much time in it. But believe us, outdoor living space holds so much potential in improving a family’s social life, bonding, and appreciation of their home.

Here are some few tips from your local Melbourne exterior cleaning company on how you can make your outdoor living space a great place for various activities.


Consider the purposes of the outdoor space and plan accordingly.

Do you host dinner parties or BBQs? How many guests do you usually entertain? Are you looking for a quiet space to relax and unwind? Does your space need to be kid or pet-friendly with a separate area just for them? Do you want a space for exercising? Do you want kind of a blank slate or open space for pretty much anything? According to your local Melbourne exterior cleaning team, you might want to ask yourself these important questions before making plans and allocating functions to each part of your outdoor living space.


Illuminate and frame spaces with lighting

The right lighting can add drama and a glow outdoors. The holidays aren't the only time to put up some lights in your outdoor spaces. In the warmer months, spending time outdoors isn't limited to the daylight hours, so you'll want to set the mood with some tasteful outdoor lighting. Effective lighting can make your outdoor living space safer, because it'll not only help prevent people from having accidents in the dark, but it can also help to transform your yard or lawn into an inviting place to spend time at after the sun goes down.

Smart landscape and deck lighting can accent the assets of your outdoor space, while allowing the less attractive elements to fade into the shadows. These days, most outdoor lighting comes from electric bulbs, but for a softer glow, you might consider adding lanterns or torches into the mix. As a general rule, lighting around the outside of a house that is pointed upward can dramatically accent the architecture of the structure, while light pointed downward will create a softer, cozier glow.


Take advantage of your surroundings

Make the most of the views your home has to offer— arrange a small sitting area with waterproof furniture where you and your guests can enjoy a cup of coffee and watch the sunrise or a table and chairs for appetizers and cocktails at sunset.


Remember the elements of nature

Pergolas, tents, or awnings can provide an escape from the hot, overhead summer sun. The curtains offer additional protection from sun, wind, and chill. This can also be your special space for exercise, helping you get fresh air outside but still protected from the UV rays.


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Decorate for the Seasons and Holidays

Decorating and partying is perfect outdoors. Make the transition between inside and outside seamless—just add some warmth (or coolness) using fire pits or a water feature, blankets, and beverages. Make sure the lighting is beautiful, functional. and safe. From there, the events are limitless:

If it's a party, hold contests and games outside, and have "photo stations" where guests can take selfies and group pictures.

For Thanksgiving you can use your outdoor and indoor kitchen, then serve the feast on the deck or patio where it's fresh, cool and crisp.

You can also decorate a small outdoor Christmas tree or conifer with simple, weather-proof, non-glass/non-ceramic ornaments, and add holiday-themed pillows to extend the party outside.


Keep everything else clear, clean, and mowed

The rest of your outdoor living space should be like a blank canvass for any possible outdoor party or gathering or occasion you may have in the future. It can also be a safe and fantastic play place for your pets and kids to run around in. Your pavers and concrete space outside need some love too so that it looks fresh and clean especially for when your guests come over. Our paver cleaning services are well loved by our customers and we strongly encourage you to upgrade your outdoor living space’s facelift with a visit from our Melbourne exterior cleaning specialists. Contact us for a quote and we’ll be there!