Insurance Companies are Now Cancelling Policies Due to Unclean Roofs

Friday August 23, 2019 comments Tags: roof cleaning, roof maintenance, exterior cleaning , home cleaning

We all know the important roles that roofs play. They provide us with shelter as well as a powerful defense against wind, rainfall, hail, and scorching heat. On a daily basis, our roofs take the brunt of weather hazards and other elements, which play a part in their eventual damage and deterioration. 

In the past, unclean roofs were mainly a problem to neighbors that didn't like sharing their street with dirty-looking houses. Now, however, the consequence of an unclean roof goes far beyond a judgemental look or occasional eye roll. 

Now, insurance companies are getting involved and actually canceling policies for homeowners. 

Yes, really.



Why Unclean Roofs Raise Red Flags to Insurance Companies

Where there is an unclean roof, there are stains. These stains are oftentimes caused by more than just simple dirt - they can be comprised of fungus and moss as well as algae, which can harbor various types of molds. 

Ultimately, these growths can lead to shingle deterioration and wood rot. That means extensive (and expensive) repairs - that insurance companies will end up paying for.

So, it's no wonder insurance companies are sending out people to scope out the roofs of their policy-holders. Ultimately, they are saving themselves from paying out thousands - even millions - of dollars on roof repairs and replacements that could have been simply prevented by roof cleaning.




Getting Your Roof Cleaned Effectively and Safely

Your roof may be currently subject to mildew damage or other corruptive elements, but this is precisely where a good Rockledge roof cleaning team can save your curb appeal, and more importantly - your wallet.

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Our licensed and professionally-trained Rockledge roof cleaning team even uses a soft washing technique on roofs that preserves the integrity and safety of your home (as well as the environment), while giving your roof the deep, thorough cleaning that it needs. 

When you are ready to have your roof cleaned the right way the first time, you can get started by obtaining a free, custom estimate without any obligation. Our trusted Rockledge roof cleaning experts are trained to wash all types of roofs and will have no problem helping you not only extend the lifespan of yours, but also enjoy its beauty once again!