Is your house sparkling clean and ready for all your holiday guests?

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The holidays are definitely the busiest time of the year, even for your local Rockledge exterior cleaning company! After all, it is when most people give their time and effort in reconnecting with their loved ones. Parties are inevitable—especially if you are the type to host them. And, of course, you’d like to make a good first impression if you’re the one hosting THE party.

People are not the only ones in need of new coats during this chilly season, your house too. Your walls and entryway can use a fresh coat of exterior paint all the way through the front door. Have the trim repainted too if it’s starting to look beaten up as well.

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Nobody likes a busted front yard. Make a good first impression by clearing your porch, deck, and yard.

Your trusted Rockledge exterior cleaning company advises you to keep all equipment, toys, and other stuff that can make your home’s façade look like a hurricane passed by. It may not be the traditional time to have a clear-out but a clean-up can provide much-needed space for extra parking and decorations. It also lets you enter the New Year clutter-free which is considered good luck (we can all use some luck, don’t we?). Think to yourself, 'Have I used this within the last six months?' If not, consider throwing it out or donating it to charity. You'll be surprised how much extra room a quick clean-out can give you.

Sweep leaves and other debris away from the entrance. Beautifully trimmed trees and landscaped bushes are huge moves to make your home exteriors clean and inviting.

Set up beautiful and tasteful lighting at the exterior of your house. This is not only to give your home a festive feel, it will also help keep the safety of your loved ones. You can also install motion-activated night lights along pathways to ensure safe passage after dark.

For your Rockledge exterior cleaning company, it is not a home ready for the holidays without your preferred decorations. But practice caution and restraint.

Christmas decorations spend most of their time hidden away in dusty cupboards and attics waiting for their couple of weeks of fame. There's no point getting your interiors spick and span for the festive season and then hanging up dirty and dusty decorations outside. Put aside some time to give them a good clean before hanging them up so they'll look as bright as new.

When going through your Christmas decorations, make sure that everything is functioning. Christmas lights have a shelf life, and for some sets, if one bulb goes out, the whole set won't work. Test them before you decorate to see if you need to buy a new set.

Without the right supplies and skills, you can easily puncture gutters, soffit, and sidings. While it may look simple and harmless, these damages can potentially become severe over time, leading to unexpected replacement costs and increased bills

To make sure you can decorate your home for the holidays without creating possibilities of structural damage, your local Rockledge exterior company recommends to keep the nails in the shed and your staple gun away from your walls this year and just go for sturdy and reliable hooks. To keep your Christmas lights, wreaths, and other decorations hanging in place, you can use removable hooks that can carry the weight of these items.

Zip ties can also be useful to hang garlands, lights, and other decorations for your walls or your doors, or your window frames. And you can safely remove them after holidays with a pair of scissors.

While you’re preparing your home for holiday guests, you may notice damage along the way. You are likely never as up close and personal with your home exteriors as you are during your holiday light decoration process. Maybe you’d spot holes on the gutter, or protruding sidings. This will also be a good time to call your contractor and have these damages inspected and repaired before it becomes a much bigger problem financially and safety-wise.

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Since last Christmas season or longer, your home’s exterior has built up grime and dirt that make it look dull and uninviting. Before this season commences, why not give your home a gentle, soft washing to make it look new again?

With a house that has a gleaming, clean exterior, imagine how your outdoor Christmas lights will sparkle and shine in the night, like a beacon welcoming friends and family. See what we did there?

Whether your home is constructed of stucco, brick, vinyl, or wood,soft washing services are a safe, damage-free way to clean your home’s exterior.

Whether your home is constructed of stucco, brick, vinyl, or wood, soft washing services are a safe, damage-free way to clean your home’s exterior.

Get a quote from us and rest assured that our licensed, insured, and highly trained technicians, and skilled in soft washing. Beacon Cleaning has helped thousands of homeowners and business owners get a quality wash for an affordable price. Let us transform your building’s exterior and make it have that extra sparkle and healthy feeling!

With friends and family coming to visit throughout the holiday season, it's your time to shine and show what a lovely home you have, inside AND out.