Keeping Up Appearances: Commercial Paver Sealing Service

By: rwilkins Monday December 2, 2019 comments Tags: commercial paver sealing, paver sealing



Pavers are a lovely and professional accent to any business entry or driveway, sure to capture the attention of your clientele and convey a polished appearance. But as with any exterior feature, the elements can wreak havoc, causing dirt, mildew damage, mold damage, and general grime to build up. 

Are you experiencing this? We can help! You can rely on your local Rockledge paver sealing service to not only revitalize those pavers but prevent future damage! 

Our Rockledge paver sealing team will first wash those pavers to bring them back their like-new luster. Then, using chemical sealant, the stones are treated to not only maintain that fresh appearance, but it’ll prevent the development of mildew, grass and weed growth, and insect activity. 

Pavers have a natural and unfinished look. For more rustic buildings, this can be a complimentary look. However, for many businesses, this might not be the right look for a professional vibe.  When you use paver sealing, it softens the raw appearance of the stone making them more appealing to visitors and property managers!

Did you happen to just have pavers installed? It’s a great idea to seal your brand new pavers to keep them looking their best! It’s suggested by your Rockledge paver sealing team that you wait to have a sealing service done between 30-60 days after installation. This will allow the concrete to breath and the wind and rain to remove dust and debris from the installation. 

After the installation, paver sealing will help maintain the color and shine of the blocks as well. Under the intense Florida sun, the pigment and dyes in pavers can begin to fade quickly. Professional Rockledge paver sealing experts will keep them looking like new for a long time to come! 

But the Florida sun isn’t the only thing that can be rough on your pavers. All that Florida rain can be, too! Unsealed pavers trap water, which can lead to water damage and erosion, and it impedes proper drainage as well.

If you have a commercial property in need of paver sealing, contact us for your no-obligation quote. 

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