Keeping your home cool

Thursday July 1, 2021 comments Tags: Melbourne roof cleaning services, Melbourne patio cleaning

Keep your home cool


Summertime is a wonderful season, but on some days, it can be unbearable due to the intense heat. While most people resort to using the A/C for comfort, it can be costly in the long run, or not all homeowners have them installed. 

Here are top 5 ways to keep your house cool during the summer according to your local Brevard roof cleaning team, without relying on air conditioning! 


Invest on Better Doors, Windows, and Insulation

Consider looking out for energy efficient doors, windows, and insulation. Better insulation and tight sealing doors and windows will help your home remain cool in the hot days. Alternatively, this can also keep houses hot in the winter/cold season. 


Close the Blinds

If you have windows that receive direct sunlight during the day, closing the blinds during the sunniest part of the day will be a good idea. For rooms in the lower floors, you can place your blinds upwards to prevent the heat rays from sneaking through the house.


Plant Foliage

Planting shade trees and foliage is a good and natural way to prevent the sun from seeping into your home. Aside from adding a frontline protection to your home’s open areas, your front or back yard will look pretty and presentable too! If you have a walkway, front yard, or a patio in which you'd like to plant shade trees plants to shade heat, a Brevard roof cleaning and exterior cleaning team can help you out in preparing these exterior spaces by cleaning it out. 


Install Ceiling Fans

Installing a ceiling fan will be a great solution to combat the heat at home. It is known that ceiling fans foster air movement that can help you cool down while avoiding having the thermostat dropped further. Just remember to run your ceiling fan counterclockwise to draw the air upwards. 


Have Your Roof Washed

During the summer days, don’t forget to check your roof if it needs significant cleaning. Dirty roofs are often infected by dirt and mildew build-up that can prevent your roof’s functionality and potentially damage it. This can cause roof holes that can enable heat rays to get into rooms and open spaces in the house. 

It is recommended to hire professional services as they use the appropriate equipment and approach in washing and maintaining your roof. For a thoroughly washed roof, you can opt to look at Brevard roof cleaning services in the area for a best results. 


Make some long-term improvements to your home

You can make upgrades to your home to make it cooler and comfortable for seasons to come. From your interior, up until your exterior space, additions like home gardens and paver sealing to make your investment worthwhile. Good thing that a Brevard roof cleaning team like Beacon has a professionally trained team and expert services can help maintain the comfort in your home.