Reasons to Contact a Professional Gutter Cleaner

Monday April 19, 2021 comments Tags: gutter cleaning, Rockledge exterior cleaning team, cocoa roof maintenance expert

Cocoa Gutter Cleaner


The importance of exterior cleaning is often ignored when it comes to home maintenance. We focus so much attention inside our homes, the exterior of our homes gets neglected. People normally think of windows and a pressure washer whenever they think of exterior washing. But did you know that exterior cleaning involves a lot more?

One of these is roof gutter cleaning, which we will explore in this blog. But first, let's define what a roof gutter is and are they necessary. The object of roof gutters on a house is to keep rainwater out. Your roof protects your home from rainfall by diverting rainwater into gutters. Gutters operate by collecting that rainwater and water removing it from the base of your house. Why? Rainwater must go somewhere!  If your home didn’t have gutters rainwater would destroy practically every part of your house, and that is why you need a professional Melbourne exterior cleaning team to help!


Signs That You Need To Call A Professional Gutter Cleaner:

  • Your Gutter Is Overflowing With Plants

It’s important to contact a professional if you find grass, weeds, or flowers sprouting from your gutters. How does this happen? It's likely that a significant amount of expelled soil from your roof has built up in your gutters causing plants to start grow. Plants growing in your gutters and cause significant damage.

  • Overflowing Gutter

When it starts raining, your gutters should not overflow. When debris from your roof is washed into your gutters, it can cause clogging, which affects the efficiency of your gutters. When gutters are blocked, they can't do their job of removing excess water from your home. If you notice your gutters overflowing, contact your Melbourne exterior cleaning experts immediately to clean and unclog your home's gutters to prevent damage to your home.

  • Soil Erosion In The Frontyard

Your front yard might be in serious danger if your gutters are clogged and water begins to seep into your lawn. Why? When your yard's soil is exposed to too much water, it begins to dilute and float away from your home's base. If your downspouts aren't properly installed, erosion will occur causing serious damage to the landscape, foundation, and walkways around your home.

  • Birds Have Taken Up Residence In Your Gutters

Did you know that birds prefer to build their nests in gutters that are clogged? Birds may build their nests in gutters because they provide a stable and wind-free climate. If you find bird nests in your gutters, you can contact gutter cleaning professionals from your local Melbourne exterior cleaning team right away to clear any debris that the birds have left behind to prevent future nesting

  • The Gutters On Your House Begin To Sag

Your home's gutters will accumulate leaves, dirt, and rainwater over time, weighing them down and requiring expensive repairs and replacements. If you find that your gutters are starting to sag or that a part of your gutter system has fallen loose, have your gutters inspected by an expert immediately.

  • Stains And Mildew Are On Your Gutters 

If you notice any discoloration or mildew on your gutters or home, it's possible that you have standing water in your gutter system. This can cause significant damage to your home if not addressed quickly.

  • Gutter System Outdated

Years of exposure to harsh weather can easily dent and bend older aluminum gutter systems causing drainage issues. Reach out to a gutter cleaning expert if you can't recall the last time you had your home's gutters inspected by a professional. This can help prevent further damage to your home saving your valuable time and money.

  • Water In Basement

When your gutter system isn't working properly, it can cause significant foundation damage to your house. Pooling water in your gutters will gradually find its way down into your home's foundation and into your basement. If you find water pooling in your basement's low points, it's time to get your gutters inspected by an expert.


Don't put off worrying about your gutters before the next big storm. Melbourne exterior cleaning professionals at Beacon specializes in roof maintenance and is here to do the grunt work so you don't have to. We'll clean your gutters thoroughly and clear any blockages, ensuring that your home is able to withstand Florida’s hurricane season.

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