Refurbish Your Fencing

Friday December 4, 2020 comments Tags: Melbourne pressure washing, Refurbish Fencing, Melbourne exterior cleaning experts

Refurbish Your Fence with Pressure Washing


Refurbish Your Fence with Pressure Washing


If your fence has lost its luster and shine, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to replace it. You can easily refurbish the fence and get it back to looking like new with just a few simple steps, as recommended by Melbourne exterior cleaning experts, the right cleaning solutions, and pressure washing.


Typically, wooden fences will start to collect mold, mildew and grime and fade, losing their coating after a few years due to their exposure to the elements like sun and moisture. Once the protective coating deteriorates, the wood underneath ages more quickly and deteriorates. If you’ve noticed that your fence has begun to appear gray and dirty then your fence is in need of pressure washing to restore it. 


When you begin pressure washing, Melbourne exterior cleaning experts recommend to start off about 18 inches away from the fence, and then move in as needed to pressure wash more resistant spots. You’ll see the gray surface of the wood fall away, revealing the fresh wood underneath. Once the fence is washed, wait 24 hours (or until the fence is completely dry) before applying your fence with a coat of a semi transparent oil stain.


According to Melbourne exterior cleaning professionals, fences with composite, plastic and vinyl material can start to look grimy over time as well due to moisture growth like mold, mildew and algae. Unchecked, this damages your fencing material and causes it to prematurely break down. A high powered pressure washing breaks up the attached mold and algae to give the life of your fence better longevity and a much better appearance. 


 For these surfaces the worry isn’t so much about the damage the discoloration causes, but more for the aesthetic. These materials can develop mold and mildew and require occasional pressure washing. The benefits of pressure washing by your Melbourne exterior cleaning team is how greatly it improves the look of your fence to make it look as great as the day it was installed!


If this is a job you’d rather trust to your Melbourne exterior cleaning professionals, be sure to contact us at Beacon Cleaning to get your fence refurbishment and pressure washing needs met today!