Santa will soon be on his way. How’s your landing pad looking? Why you should have your roof soft-washed by a professional this season

Friday December 9, 2022 comments

Christmas is coming, are you ready? If you are hosting any holiday events you may have already considered a professional exterior cleaning prior to the festivities. A fresh, sparkling home can really showcase your beautiful decorations and the hard work you’ve put into making the season feel magical. Slaving away mopping floors, dusting, trimming the hedges, and washing the windows can be so overwhelming that many of us don’t even think about the roof. A nice, clean roof certainly makes a difference visually, but there are actually very practical reasons to have your roof soft-washed by a professional this season. 

Why soft-washing, and why use a professional?

Soft-washing lasts longer than traditional pressure washing and is safer for your roof, with a minimal likelihood of causing damage. You do not want to jeopardize the safety of your roof by employing the wrong cleaning techniques. And speaking of safety, your personal safety is also at risk if you try to do the job yourself. Climbing ladders, lugging hoses, and walking on wet surfaces high above the ground is never a good idea. These factors combined with rushing to complete, or being distracted by your list of things to-do can be a real danger.

What are some other benefits of having your roof cleaned?

Having a thorough roof cleaning will keep your home free of external allergens, mold and mildew. Mold and algae start on the exterior and grow inward, eventually into your living space. Some molds can cause allergic reactions and respiratory conditions. You can keep your guests comfortable and breathing easy by eliminating the opportunity for allergens to ruin their stay. 

Speaking of mold and mildew, mildew and debris shorten the lifespan of your roof when left unattended. Mold and algae break down the roofing material and cause devastating damage. This damage creates a need for roof replacement sooner than later. Having regular cleanings, at least once a year, staves off this destruction and as a bonus, your house will look fantastic lit up with those twinkling holiday lights. 

Regular cleanings also keep pests away from your home. Dry leaves, dirt, and other debris on your roof attracts insects and rodents. The last thing you want is a pest problem invading your space when you are wrapped up in the holiday commotion.

So if you’ve decided to give your home that bit of extra attention this year, leave it up to the experts at Beacon Exterior Cleaning to provide that brilliant clean and protection your roof deserves. Our roof cleanings are easy to schedule and we will give you a no-obligation custom quote. No accidental roof issues this holiday season. Not on our watch. Plus, we want to make it nice for Santa and his little reindeer, don’t we? So what are you waiting for? Call us at 321-507-4851, or visit our website today.