Soft Washing Your Roof: Protecting Vulnerable Surfaces

By: rwilkins Friday March 6, 2020 comments Tags: soft washing, residential soft washing, exterior cleaning , roof cleaning



Do you want the clean of a pressure washing treatment, but are worried about damaging your property? Soft washing by your Rockledge exterior cleaning team is the answer you’ve been searching for! Soft washing is a way to gently clean the outside of your home without leaving behind damage. 

Here’s why you should try soft washing for your next exterior cleaning or roof cleaning:


Soft washing preserves your roof’s protective layers

Imagine your roof as having layers and layers that protect your home. Over time, with too many high pressured washings, you can break down these layers and end up causing irreversible damage to your roof. 

To avoid this, try soft washing. When you use the soft washing technique applied by Rockledge exterior cleaning experts, you are getting a much less invasive cleaning. Rather than a high-pressure water stream, soft washing first uses chemicals to treat your roof and then uses a low-pressure water stream to rinse off the built-up dirt and grime. This less invasive method preserves the layers of your roof that are designed to protect your home. 


Soft washing uses non-harsh chemicals

If you read the word “chemicals” and got scared… Don’t worry! 

The chemicals used by Rockledge exterior cleaning experts during soft washing are not harsh and are safe for the environment. There is no need to do harsh brushing or scrubbing that ends up practically sanding down your roof. Biodegradable and eco-friendly chemicals still penetrate dirt, mold, and mildew - in a safe way. While your roof was designed to handle all the elements, you still want to clean it gently to avoid damages from harsh chemicals or cleanings.


Soft washing does a more thorough clean

As opposed to pressure washing, soft washing by your local Melbourne soft washing company offers a more thorough clean. For your vulnerable surfaces, such as your roof- you want it cleaned and you want it cleaned well. It’s a pain to worry about cleaning your roof, so you want to choose a cleaning that will get the job done. Coating your roof with biodegradable chemicals penetrates all of the cracks and pores to get a deep-down clean which leaves the roof practically sparkling. 


At Beacon Cleaning, we are here whenever you’re ready to give your roof a deep clean. Contact us for your next soft washing treatment!

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