Soft Washing for Your Driveway

Friday December 20, 2019 comments Tags: soft washing, pressure washing, driveway, residential soft washing, residential service


Imagine your driveway as a sponge. Every day, that sponge experiences a lot of impact. 

  • Cars drive and sit on it for extended periods. 
  • It bakes in the sunlight for hours. 
  • It gets rained on. 
  • It gets spilled on. 
  • It cracks. 
  • Weeds grow into it. 

And then, so much of your outdoor activity takes place on it - if you have kids they probably play and draw there, you might set up outdoor picnics there, it’s a makeshift basketball court, and it might even be the launching pad for bi-annual firework displays! 

As much abuse as it endures, it’s understandable that your driveway would start looking a little dingy over time! It soaks up the chalk masterpieces and car fluids that sit atop it, and then the sun bakes those stains into it in short order. If your driveway has seen better days, it’s probably time to get it cleaned. And Beacon Exterior Cleaning Specialists’ soft washing is the best service for the job!

Soft Washing vs. Traditional Pressure Washing

Unlike traditional pressure washing that uses water pressure often above 3,500 psi, soft washing uses significantly lower pressure, somewhere under 1,000 psi. You might think soft washing wouldn’t be able to get the tough job of cleaning a cement driveway done. But along with specialized equipment, it doesn’t just get the job done, but our soft washing technique lasts about 4-6 times longer than the high-pressure method. 

You can see a preview of our soft washing service for driveways here:

Soft washing your driveway not only heightens the overall curb appeal of your home’s exterior, but it can help extend the longevity of the driveway. As the concrete soaks up sediment and fluids, those can affect the integrity of the structure, thus causing cracks to begin to form. Cracks invite weeds to grow, which further the cracking. Eventually, left unchecked, it might be necessary to resurface or even replace the whole driveway, and that can get expensive. Soft washing maintenance will help prevent cracking and slow cracks from worsening, saving you money in the long run.

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