Soft Washing vs. Pressure Washing

Thursday January 28, 2021 comments Tags: soft washing, pressure washing

Soft Washing vs. Pressure Washing


Soft Washing and Pressure Washing are both beneficial to the preservation of your home or business... so how do you decide which service is right for you?

Many of the benefits of soft washing and pressure washing are similar, though the processes are different, according to your Rockledge exterior cleaning company. These washing techniques break down mold, mildew and algae that has built up on your the exterior surfaces of your home. These microorganisms eat away at your home, breaking down your paint, shingles, wood, etc. Mildew damage can speed up the deterioration of your roof, walls, and fences by years if you do not invest in regular exterior cleaning.

Not only do soft washing and pressure washing increase the lifespan of your home, they have stunning aesthetic benefits. You have probably forgotten what color your paint is, or what a clean roof looks like, or that a screened porch doesn't have to be filmy! When you get that grime washed away, your home will look brand new again! 

Most importantly: exterior cleaning services by a Rockledge exterior cleaning team saves you money. The investment of soft washing or pressure washing is nothing compared to the expense of costly projects like repainting or roof replacement. When you halt mold damage through exterior cleaning, you can delay these projects by years. You might even think you need a new roof, when in reality, you just need a roof washing! Soft washing and pressure washing even saves you money on your electric bill! Moss and algae buildups absorb light and heat, raising the temperture of your house. This forces your AC to work harder, increasing your electric bill. A few dollars a month may seem minor, but over time, it adds up! Regular roof washes will keep costs down, and keep costly projects in the distant future.


But the question still stands: Soft Washing or Pressure Washing?

While the advantages of soft washing and pressure washing are similar, there are some differences in execution according to your Rockledge exterior cleaning team. 

Pressure washing uses a higher force water stream to break down grime on surfaces. Soft washing, as you can tell from the name, uses a lower force water stream.

So how can they both be effective?

Soft washing is facilitated by the incorporation of a gentle cleaning solution into the water stream. This allows for stunning results with less strain on surfaces. Pressure washing utilizes higher power to accomplish a sparkling clean with just water— no cleaning solution needed. If you take an all-natural approach to life, pressure washing may be the solution for you!

Because these techniques employ different water pressure levels, they are intended for different purposes. Rockledge exterior cleaning professionals stress that If pressure washing is used on too gentle a roof, it could cause the shingles to break up. Soft washing was designed to be easier on surfaces, especially for homes. 


Soft Washing or Pressure Washing? It depends!

The answer to this question really comes down to preference and professional opinion of a Rockledge exterior cleaning company. What's right for your home may not be what's right for your neighbors!


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