Specialty Cleaning Services for the Health of your Business

Friday September 4, 2020 comments Tags: Specialty Cleaning Services, Melbourne commercial exterior cleaning services

Specialty Cleaning Services for the Health of your Business


Specialty Cleaning Services for the Health of your Business 

For business owners this is a difficult and trying time as we all are trying to get through this pandemic. As business owners we have a new worry and responsibility to our employees to ensure that they are working in a healthy environment at minimal risk to COVID-19. You don’t need any other obstacles or surprises to disturb business further, however, what would happen to business if one of your employees tested positive for COVID? Would you have to close down business for a couple days while you tried to do all the specialty cleaning yourself? How long would that really take and how well can you be sure you did the job? Specialty cleaning is a service that Melbourne exterior cleaning professionals offer for when you need to know that your place of business is as clean, sanitized, and ready for both customers and employees as it can be. 


Give your Employees and Customers Peace of Mind with a Specialty Cleaning

Let your patrons and employees know that you care and value their health with a professional specialty cleaning service, by Melbourne exterior cleaning experts. If the worst should happen and you did need to close your business for COVID concerns, there’s no reason it should take days, not when you could hire the experts to disinfect your business in one afternoon or less! We want your business to succeed during this time and therefore we get you back to work in such a short amount of time considering all the cleaning we can do. Specialty cleaning can get you back at it, and quickly!


The healthy Way to Clean

Are you worried about what kind of chemicals would be involved in a speciality cleaning? Well, don’t be! Our cleaning mist is safe and gentle, and our process is simple. Our services are safe to use for all businesses, even restaurants, that’s how non-harmful it is. Our specialty cleaning utilizes a soft mist so that it is so gentle, covers more of an area, and clings to surfaces without drenching your materials. It is so harmless that it’s even safe to use around children and pets while removing 99.9% of germs and bacteria. You could try to disinfect everything by hand, but it would cost you a lot of time and wouldn’t be able to give you as consistent results as a specialty cleaning  service done by Melbourne exterior cleaning services


Have Peace of Mind with our Disinfecting Service

Our specialty cleaning gives you the reassurance to know that your business is safe and clean, and being able to provide that same confidence to your customers is paramount these days. We never imagined that our specialty cleaning service would be used during a pandemic, but we are glad we can offer these comprehensive services to help our customers deal with the unprecedented weight of caring for their employees and customers' health in such times. We are here for you when your regular cleaning routine just doesn’t cut it. 


Remember that having a specialty cleaning every few weeks, or once a month, is a great investment to help keep your business safe throughout Covid. Get the best service by Melbourne exterior cleaning professionals at Beacon Cleaning. We give you the reassurance of a healthy business environment, with the fastest turn around!