The Best Outdoor Christmas Trees for Brighter Holiday Home Exteriors

Tuesday December 21, 2021 comments



An indoor Christmas tree is pretty mandatory for anyone who takes Christmas celebrations seriously, regardless of your creed. This is America after all, we’ll take any excuse to decorate, shop, and cook!

But if you want to make things grander and sprinkle extra Christmas magic over your home or property, setting up an outdoor Christmas tree can really be a gorgeous and feasible idea.

So as home exterior experts we have come up with a guide on what you can choose from for your outdoor Christmas tree.


Have a living Christmas tree!


Yes. Like a REAL tree that is alive and still photosynthesizes (whew, thank you science). Red cedar and leyland cypress are well-suited for planting outdoors as your living Christmas tree and are also available for sale in Florida. This type of outdoor Christmas tree will be perfect for a huge garden or yard, because let’s not forget, this tree will stay with you (please don’t kill it).  Pick a tree with well-colored needles, and avoid those with brown or yellow tips.


Get lit with waterproof LED Christmas trees


Artificial fir, birch or twig trees lined and tipped with LED lights will surely brighten up the porch or driveway and provide an even more festive and warm welcome to your family and guests every time they enter your home.


Potted and lined up for Christmas


You can also opt for potted plants such as fir and other pointy-shaped plants. All you will need are fairy lights to decorate them and connect to each other, et voila! You now have a lined driveway that sings Merry Christmas!


Christmas cones


You want to do some DIY magic this holiday? Just purchase sturdy metal, wooden, or abaca cone frames and wrap Christmas lights around them. They are pretty, clean-looking and elegant; an easy choice for those who want to decorate outdoors but in a more minimal way.


Flat but not boring


There are also flat and 2D-looking Christmas tree shape structures that are meant for outdoors. Some of them may come with Christmas lights already. A nice advantage to these “trees” is that they require little space but still look great in front of any house, and will surely send a Merry Christmas to anyone who passes by your yard.