The Smart Investment of Roof Cleaning

Friday December 6, 2019 comments Tags: soft washing, roof cleaning, roof washing, roof maintenance, residential roofing



Surely you’ve seen it before - the black streaks that form on roofs. They’re usually found in shady or the north-facing side of the roof. For many homeowners, this has typically been one of the first signs that it’s time to consider replacing their roof. However, that might not be the case. It might just be time to schedule a roof cleaning!

You can thank Gloeocapsa magma for creating those unsightly black streaks. Gloeocapsa magma is a strain of bacteria formed by algae spores and is found exclusively to grow on roofs. And this bacteria means business. The spores feed off the limestone granules embedded in roof shingles, which causes expedited destruction of the shingle’s integrity. As the roof shingles deteriorate, energy costs for the home can begin to increase, and ultimately, roof replacement will need to be done sooner than expected, which can cost anywhere between $8,000-$16,500! 

This algae has been around for a long time. But only in recent years has soft washing proven to be an excellent treatment and deterrent for this bacteria growth. A soft washing service for roofs includes the use of an eco-friendly detergent that is formulated to kill this algae and prevent future growth. Soft washing by your local Melbourne roof cleaning service utilizes a significantly lower water pressure than traditional pressure washing, which prevents further damage to the roof. And, it lasts 4-6 times longer than traditional methods. 


Good for Your Roof, and Your Wallet

An annual roof cleaning service can help maximize the lifespan of your shingles - up to 25 years! And as part of a proper residential exterior maintenance plan, it will really boost the overall curb appeal of your home. It’s a great investment in your home, both financially and aesthetically.

Not only does our Melbourne roof cleaning pecialists utilize all of the aforementioned methods for our roof cleaning service, their training aims to take care any plant life and structures around the home that might come in contact with runoff from the roof cleaning solution. Melbourne roof cleaning professionals from Beacon Cleaning also use 100% clean water that we filter ourselves on-site. We do this to ensure a truly quality clean every time, as municipally-sourced water often contains sediments that can cause regrowth of algae and mold after the fact.

Check out a little bit of your local Brevard roof cleaning's premium service in action:

You can trust Beacon Cleaning to give you a quality clean every time. Schedule your annual roof cleaning service today! Contact us for your no-obligation quote.