What is Soft Washing?

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Soft Washing


What Is Soft Washing?

Soft Washing is the best way to clean your home's roof, fences, screen enclosures, driveways and many other exterior surfaces of mold and algae. Unlike pressure washing, which can ruin the shingles on your roof, soft washing uses safe chemicals to actually wash your exterior surfaces. The cleaning solution being applied by Brevard soft washing companies, breaks up grime that is growing on your home's exterior and uses a low pressure, soft wash, to reveal surfaces that look like new again!


Why is Soft Washing Important? 

As a homeowner your home is your greatest investment. As a business owner your building communicates with your customers about who you are. But did you know that the mold and algae growing on roofs and fences is preventable, even reversible? That’s what soft washing is for.  


Algae and mold don’t belong in our homes or business, but when was the last time you washed your roof? 

Washing your roof, or fences, driveways and enclosed screened structures greatly increases its longevity. Moss and algae can cause your roof to become weaker and damaged due to these microorganisms breaking down the chemicals and structure of your home's beautiful surfaces. Moss damage is especially dangerous because moss absorbs all the moisture around it and creates roots that permeate the surface, lifting shingles, and the continuous moisture leads to mold and bacteria growth.But this is preventable with thorough washing by your local Brevard soft washing team.

Regular soft washing done by your Brevard soft washing company not only preserves your roof for longer, but it can save you energy and money on your electric costs as well. Roofs with a build up of moss and algae are stained darker and will absorb more sunlight than a clean roof. Having more sunlight absorbed through your roof will cause the shingles to break down much more quickly. The more heat your roof absorbs the more difficult it will be to keep your attic from pulling in that warmth to the rest of the home, only making your cooling costs increase. But a clean roof can help cool your home more efficiently. 


What are the Other Benefits?

Besides longevity and energy savings, just think of the curb appeal your home will have if it looked as clean and fresh as the day it was built! Regular soft washing by a Brevard soft washing company at  Beacon Cleaning, will increase your property values. And no one likes having to replace a roof, fence, driveway or enclosed screening because of the high cost of materials and labor. But if you have these surfaces routinely cleaned, it’s far more cost effective rather than replacing them.

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