How To Seal A Paver Patio Or Paver Driveway

Wednesday April 5, 2023 comments

Patio Paver sealer

We all look for ways to boost our home’s curb appeal, and incorporating paver patios and paver stone driveways is a fantastic way to do just that. Stone and concrete pavers come in a great variety of colors, shapes and sizes. They enhance the charm of your property, are durable and low maintenance. If cared for correctly, sealed pavers can last the lifetime of your home. If your pavers remain unsealed, though, they are likely to fade, stain, chip, and even break. To keep this from happening, you might want to consider applying a quality paver sealer. While contacting a professional is always recommended, if you prefer to go DIY, there are a few steps to take before applying a sealant to your paver driveway or patio.


Step 1: Clean your pavers

Before you start sealing your pavers, you'll want them clean and free of debris. Sweep away any loose dirt or leaves, and pull weeds if present. Then, use a power washer or hose to spray off the paver stones thoroughly. For stubborn stains or spots of moss and algae, you can use a paver cleaner and scrub brush. Be sure to rinse well.


Step 2: Allow your pavers to dry

Once the patio or driveway is clean, allow it to dry completely. Depending on the weather conditions, this could take several hours or even a full day. It is imperative the pavers are completely dry before applying a sealant. Also, check the forecast to ensure rain is not predicted for at least 24 hours after applying your paver sealer.


Step 3: Choose the right sealer

There are many types of paver sealers available, so it's important to choose the right one for your needs specifically. Some sealers offer extra protection from UV rays, while others are designed to resist stains or prevent water accumulation. Talk to a professional to determine the best sealer for your paver driveway or patio.


Step 4: Apply the sealer

Once you've chosen your paver sealer, it's time to apply it. You can use a roller or sprayer, so long as there is even coverage. Coat each paver completely, but don't over-apply the sealer or you could create a slippery surface. If you think you’ve over-applied, you can use a squeegee to remove excess sealant from the paver surface and direct it into joints and crevices. 


Step 5: Allow sealer to dry

After full application, allow your paver sealant to dry completely before walking on it. This could take several hours up to a full day. Read the manufacturer's instructions on your selected paver sealer for a more accurate drying time.


Step 6: Maintain your pavers

Now that your paver patio or driveway is sealed, it's important to maintain it properly. Sweep away debris regularly. Avoid using harsh chemicals or cleaners on your sealed pavers to avoid damaging them. If you notice any areas where the sealant has worn away, you can reapply it to those spots to add protection. 


Professionals Enhance Your Home's Beauty with Paver Sealing Services

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