Are you seeing mold and grime build-up on your pavers?

Are you starting to feel embarrassed by how they might look to your guests or customers?


Natural environmental elements, heavy foot traffic, and car deposits such as oil and grease can cause your pavers to deteriorate. These elements can cause your pavers to break apart, leading to thousands of hard-earned dollars in costly repairs!

Do you want your pavers to regain their original rich color, while protecting them from these harmful elements? Paver sealing will help!


Paver sealing protects pavers from extreme weather conditions and from anything foreign that might fall onto them that can cause stains and damage such as oil, leaves, and spills.


Paver sealing is a meticulous 4-step procedure:

Surface Cleaning

First, surface cleaning is done to thoroughly clean the pavers before sanding the joints. Flat surface machines specifically designed for pavers are used during this step. During the cleaning process, most of the joint sand between your pavers will be forced out along with dirt, weed, and other elements.

Sanding Joints

Second, new premium sand is swept over the paver surface to replace what was removed during surface cleaning.

Wet Sanding

Third, wet sanding is done to place new sand between the pavers to prevent the sand from reaching the paver’s surface.

Sanding Joints

Lastly, a paver sealant is liberally applied on the pavers, making sure that the new joint sand is thoroughly saturated. After 24 hours of drying your newly-sealed pavers, they will be ready for use.



A professional paver sealing team such as Beacon can help you achieve clean and protected pavers with top-quality tools and equipment and advanced sealing and restoration methods.

Here’s how you can benefit by working with an expert paver sealer:
Uses industry-leading machine and equipment, designed to provide the best sealing results for your pavers.


Certified paver sealing experts that get the job done without doing any damage to your pavers.


Honest service by giving the correct quote with no hidden costs.





Beacon Exterior Cleaning Services is a premier roof and exterior cleaning company that makes sure you get the highest standard quality and care when it comes to the cleanliness and integrity of your exteriors.

Our detail-oriented team of experts will make sure that your driveways and patios will look new and rich in color!

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