Soft Washing in Florida
Soft Washing in Florida

Importance of Soft Washing in Florida

Soft Washing for the Health of your Florida Roof


Roof cleaning is fairly new and only became an industry in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. It was primarily started up in the Southern United States, with the state of Florida being one of the main areas of growth for the industry. And no wonder, because down here in Florida we have the primary ingredients that make bacteria, mold, and mildew grow rampant. . . heat and humidity.


Many roofing surfaces are made with materials that can be metabolized by these microorganisms, according to your Melbourne soft washing professionals. For example, contain limestone, which contains phosphates, an excellent source of nutrients for algae, mildew, and bacteria to feed on. These microorganisms will break down a roofing surface and cause decomposition. This in turn, will also aid the process of erosion caused by running water such as rainfall.


Soft washing simply uses a cleaning solution to clean your roof. Our Melbourne soft washinh experts spray the solution on your roof at around the pressure of a garden hose, and let the chemicals do the work. Most importantly, the cleaning solution actually kills the algae growing on your roof all the way down to the spores. Because of this soft washing technique by your Melbourne exterior cleaning company, your roof will stay clean for years and you won’t need to worry about any damage.


When should you have a soft washing treatment for your roof?

There’s no hard and fast rule about exactly how often you should wash your home, but here are a few things to keep in mind as recommended by Melbourne soft washing experts:


  • If your home is located on or near a dirt road, you may need to wash your house every few months (especially during dry periods).
  • If your home is located near a lot of trees, watch for sap build up. Allowing it to build up too much will make it harder to control.
  • After a big storm your home may appear dirty or could be covered in spores. It’s usually a good idea to wash your home after any debris has been removed.
  • Hot and humid weather carries more moisture than cool air, which can create a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and algae. These organisms thrive in warm and damp conditions.
  • Even without a big storm, persistent rainy weather can leave homes with the potential for mildew and other damage. For example, if you don’t clean out your gutters and downspouts regularly, they won’t drain properly and you’ll end up with mildew, sagging gutters, or water flowing into the foundation of the home. This can all lead to leaking inside the home or damage to your exterior paint.

Realistically, the frequency in which you should wash your home depends a lot on where you live and your surroundings. Some homeowners may need to wash their home every few months, though generally it’s recommended to clean the exterior of your home at least once every year. 

Soft washing is an alternative to pressure or power washing that does not utilize potentially damaging high pressure. Soft washing thoroughly cleans surface areas as well as eliminates the microbes that are the root cause of discoloration on roofs and other surfaces on and around your home.


It also lasts at least four times longer than pressure washing because it doesn’t just blast away the top layer of grime, it completely eradicates microorganisms such as mold, mildew, algae, lichen, and bacteria.


Contact your Melbourne soft washing experts at Beacon Cleaning to start your professional soft washing treatment for your roof!

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