Paver Sealing B A Square
Paver Sealing B A Square

Paver Sealing: Why Sealing is So Important

After pavers are newly installed at your home or business, many people question whether or not they should invest in paver sealing. The simple answer is yes, you should always seal them with the help of a Melbourne paver sealing team. It’s important to do it quickly after installation. So why is sealing your pavers so important and how should you go about it?


It’s more than just an aesthetic improvement.

While improving the look of your home or business is a great benefit, paver sealing isn’t solely for aesthetic improvement! First and foremost, paver sealing helps protect your pavers from the harsh Florida sun and various outdoor elements. Your pavers lose color quickly due to the sun’s constant UV rays that shine upon them all day, every day. Sealing not only adds a glossy finish that looks great – it adds a coat of protection to prevent your pavers from losing color or deteriorating. 


Seal early after paver installation.

After you install pavers at your home or business, make a mental note to seal them early on, also with the recommendation of Melbourne paver sealing experts. Imagine it like getting a new pair of white shoes. If you’re wanting to keep the bright white color of your new shoes, you’re going to spray them with a water and stain shield protectant immediately. You didn’t pay all of that money just to let them look dirty! The same goes for paver sealing. Since your pavers are out in the harsh Florida elements, you want to protect them as soon as possible to keep them looking new and to prevent them from getting damaged.


How long should you wait before sealing?

This is the big question all paver owners want to be answered. Typically, after paver installation, you’ll want to wait about a month to two months before investing in a paver sealing. This gives your pavers time to adjust to the environment and lets all the construction debris be washed away. 

Not only does paver sealing look great, but it can also protect the large investment you made! When you put a lot of effort and money into something, it’s important to take care of it the right way along with insights from your Melbourne paver sealing team to prevent a pricey repair or replacement cost in the future. When you seal your pavers, they will stay looking great for a long time and will be strong enough to endure all the elements. 


For a nice Melbourne paver sealing service that extends the life of your pavers and makes them look great – it’s time to call Beacon CleaningContact our team today!

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Paver Sealing B A Square

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