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Commercial Exterior Cleaning: Your Curb Appeal Solution

One of the main concerns for all property managers is curb appeal. Curb appeal can determine a customer, client, or future tenet’s impression of your business. It also has a significant impact on property value, and your building is one of your company’s biggest assets. You need this asset to be worth as much as possible, so your company will be worth as much as possible. In many cases, the appearance of your property can even affect the price tenets will be willing to pay. 

How do you achieve “curb appeal”? It seems like some sort of vague standard that is impossible to fully reach. There are also a so many options for increasing your curb appeal, and implementing all of them would bust your maintenance budget.

Luckily, there is a smart solution to the curb appeal problem with help of your Brevard exterior cleaning company. It doesn’t require you to renovate your property, or plant 1,000 plants, or spend weeks painting the exterior of your business a slightly different shade of cream. 

The solution: commercial exterior cleaning.

Exterior cleaning enhances your property, making it look as beautiful as possible. It requires no major, complicated, expensive changes to the property. What makes it so cost-effective is that there is another major benefit besides curb appeal. Commercial exterior cleaning by your Brevard exterior services increases the longevity of your buildings with every cleaning; i.e. regular exterior cleaning maintenance halts the decay of your roof, pavers, etc. 

For example, a new roof, especially for a business, is a HUGE project with a HUGE investment. Regular roof washing keeps your roof beautiful and intact for years. The investment of commercial exterior cleaning by a Brevard exterior cleaning team is nothing compared to the investment of renovating or replacing your property.

There are three steps to exterior cleaning that contribute to the endeavor of keeping your property beautiful: paver sealingsoft washing, and window cleaning.

Let’s look at the specific processes and how they can benefit your property.


Paver Sealing

You might not even realize that your pavers are dirty, but your customers certainly will. After our paver sealing service, you will realize that they had changed colors entirely (like when you scrub your tub, and you had forgotten how white it was). Out of all of the different commercial exterior cleaning benefits, this will be the first one your customer sees! Let’s just say, they’re more likely to walk up a yellow brick road than a brownish-green brick road…

Our paver sealing process are done by Brevard paver sealing professionals, that discourages weed growth, insect infestations, mildew buildup, and grass peeking through. We clean your pavers, prepare them with a chemical treatment, and seal them to ensure they stay beautiful for years to come.

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Soft Washing

Do you currently get your business pressure washed? Soft washing is similar, but it is gentler, more effective, and lasts 4-6 times longer! Soft washing is the backbone of our commercial Brevard exterior cleaning services. We use this technique to clean roofs, driveways, parking lots, siding, and fences. Because soft washing is lower pressure, it will give your business a sparkling clean, while protecting your property from damage. 

Aesthetics are not the only benefit of soft washing. It destroys mildew, algae, and mold that are building up on your exterior surfaces. These organisms are eating away at your property and decreasing its value and lifespan every second. Regular exterior cleaning is the only way to prevent this damage.

This problem is especially acute for roof decay. Mildew and algae actually break down your roof materials and shorten its lifespan. Our Brevard exterior cleaning services not only makes your roof look like new, but it prevents costly damage.


Window Cleaning

Let’s be honest— soapy water and squeegees just don’t cut it. Methods like that can leave film and spots and streaks. You may not know it, but your windows have a build-up of dust, bird droppings, and spores and it takes more than some window spray to break this down. 

Our commercial exterior cleaning services include an in-depth window scrubbing that breaks down this filmy layer and leaves your windows crystal-clear. 

Exterior cleaning is your curb appeal solution. Increase property value, quality of potential customer interaction, and the lifespan of your assets, just by regular property maintenance by a renowned exterior cleaning company like Beacon Cleaning.

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Commercial Exterior Cleaning: Your Curb Appeal Solution

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